Contents covered in the book:

In addition to a preface by Exchange Data International’s CEO, Jonathan Bloch and a foreword by
Francis Gross, Senior Adviser for the European Central Bank, the book includes:

Section 1 Entity Codes

International Codes

Global Legal Entity Identifier (ISO 17442)

SWIFT Business Identifier Code BIC (ISO 9362)

Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS)

Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)

International Standard Industrial Classification System (ISIC)

National Codes

NACE Codes

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

Company Registration Codes

Regulator Codes


CUSIP Avox Business Reference Entity Identifier

Compustat ID

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)

Depository Trust Corporation Participant Account (DTCPA)

Factiva Data Symbol (FDS)

Fitch Issuer Identification Number (FIID)

Moody’s Issuer Number (MIN)

Moody’s KMV Identifier

Markit codes

Section 2 Security Codes

International Codes

CUSIP International Numbering System (CINS)

Common code

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)

Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) (ISO 10962)

Market Identifier Code (MIC) (ISO 10383)

Alternative Instrument Identifier (Aii)

Unique Swap Identifier (USI)

Unique Trade Identifier (UTI)

National Codes


Exchange Ticker Codes

Options Symbology Initiative (OSI)

Stock Exchange Daily Official List Code (SEDOL)



Open Source

Financial Instruments Global Identifier (FIGI)

Reuters Instrument Code (RIC)

Section 3 Miscellaneous Codes

Country codes (ISO 3166)

Currency codes (ISO 4217)


Endorsed Pre-LOUs of the Interim Global Legal Entity

Identifier System (GLEIS)